Community Review MMOG

I don’t play Massive Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG), Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG), or Massive Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter games (MMOFPS), but I bet everyone knows someone who does. My nephews play, my friends children play, and my friends play. MOG (Massive Online Games) are typically subscription based services that host massive amounts of people in worlds that give them an opportunity to play and interact with each other at any given moment.
For this post I wanted to ask my friends what about online gaming appealed to them the most. The first thing they all mentioned was theme or genre. Some of them liked playing war based games like “Call of Duty” (MMOFPS), a VP of a company I worked for liked playing “World of Warcraft” (MMORPG), a friend and her husband like playing “City of Heroes/City of Villains” (MMORPG).

Then second most important aspect was the graphics. They needed to like the total look and feel of the game. The graphics needed to be detailed, realistic, have good color, good sound, and good sound effects.

The third most important thing on the list is that the Super Group needed to be with like minded people. My friends wanted to play with people who, as they put it “keep chat humorous, adult, yet kid-friendly… and mist of the people we play with are in professions like cops, social workers, computer experts and some kids, Its not a bunch of hyped up 12 year olds on Red Bulls and Pixie Sticks…hehe.” “We’ve (her and her husband) met some of them personally.” I have a feeling my friends would say that all three of these aspects are equally important, but coincidentally this is the order they all described what they liked most about playing online games.

As far as spending goes, the US spends the most on MOG games, with Britain, German, and French players following behind. More and more games are going mobile and with the increasing popularity of virtual economies it only looks like The future for online gaming is going to get better.


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