Industry Round Up 4.25.11

Industry Round Up

By Brigette Kidd

TechCrunch and Mashable have carved out an important niche in the industry. They are both the go to sites to stay on top of the latest changes in the industry.   Here is some from this week:

Facebook Launches the ‘Send’ button for Selective Sharing.  This will be a friend to Facebook’s ‘like’ button. All you have to do is click on a webpage that has the ’send’ button to share content with a select group of Facebook friends or any standard email addresses. This is a strategic move by Facebook, which has a mission to reinvent email using their own “modern messaging system”, as stated by Mark Zuckerberg.

WuFoo sold to SurveyMonkey for $35 Million. This is an inspirational story because WuFoo started with only $118k back in 2006. The online form maker has helped process over $100 million in transactions using its forms. This is the third purchase made by SurveyMonkey, following its acquisitions of ClickTools and Precision Polling.

Facebook Gets Sued for $1. Last February David Fagin, an AOL News Writer was blocked from sending friend requests from his Facebook account. He was blocked and labeled a “spammer” by Facebook and warned that his account would be totally inactivated if he did not stop his actions. Mr. Fagin is suing Facebook for $1.

Amazon Server Trouble! Some of Amazon’s AWS services have been experiencing technical difficulties.  AWS is the company’s cloud computing platform. A few of the sites impacted by this problem are Reddit, Foursquare and HootSuite.

Yahoo Grabs IntoNow for $20-$30 Million. IntoNow is the media check-in game that launched just 12 weeks ago! Facebook and Twitter were interested in the startup, but Yahoo grabbed it fast! IntoNow went from 0 to $30 million in four months.

PlaceIQ will Target Block by Block.  This mobile advertising data startup with $1 million in angel money will gather data from cell phones users block by block. Using GPS coordinates, zip codes and different times of the day, PlaceIQ will gather data and provide information to marketers.


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