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Blog Platforms: Cons and Pros. With your hosts Kabir (pros) and Evan (cons).

Good day. Today Kabir and I have decided to switch things up a bit, so instead of blogging about industry developments and all of that good stuff we’ll be blogging about blogging systems. In short, we’ll be blogging about how you blog and what you blog with so that you can make more informed decisions about blogging before and while you blog so that you can blog better. That is, after you read this blog.

So happy I could get this into an assignment.

Click me if I'm not dancing around endlessly yet.

With that said, let’s analyze the pros and cons of a few popular blogging interfaces and content management systems. Kabir will be rockin’ the sunny-side up pro mic, while I will black hat this sucker and bring the cons. We’ve chosen two blog-specific services (WordPress, Blogger) and Drupal, which is a content management system commonly used for larger sites that may contain a blogging component. Note that we are assuming that you are hosting your own blog and thus will spare you the DNS and IP voodoo.

Naturally, because Kabir and I both are tending to our yachts in different parts of the Bahamas, we are going cons first. Viva la difference.

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