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On May 24, we’re holding the first-ever audition for TED Talks. It will take place in New York in front of a live audience made up of TED staff and members of the TED community. The audition will be recorded, and the best talks could either be posted on TED.com or win an invitation for a full-on mainstage presentation at TED2012 in California early next year. Make a one-minute video to qualify for this audition. Video deadline is April 25, 2011.

We’re holding this audition to give a chance to the undiscovered talent we know is out there — and especially talent that can help us continue to reinvent the ancient art of the spoken word. At TED2012, our whole theme will be devoted to this. We’re calling it “Full Spectrum” — the rich use of technologies, formats and styles to make an impact on an audience. And that’s what we’ll be looking for in this audition.

– a ‘slide-blizzard,’ a presentation containing more images than words
– a talk accompanied by an imaginative soundtrack
– a talk given in front of a custom-animated movie
– clever ‘choreography’ between a speaker’s words and what we see on-screen
– improv / audience interaction
– intense campfire-style storytelling
– a brilliant performance (music, spoken-word, dance … surprise us!)
– a rant delivered at blitzkrieg pace, an intelligent comic routine, a mystery
– a remarkable new invention
– or… just an amazingly good classic TED talk with an ingenious ‘idea worth spreading’

We’d like to test some of these presentation formats and get exposed to any other innovations that may be lurking out there in how to impact an audience.

(Please note, if you submit a standard pitch for a company, concept or cause, you have zero chance of being picked.)

If you’d like to try your hand, here’s what you need to do:

1. Create a one-minute video to indicate your idea for a Full Spectrum presentation, using any of the above techniques or something brand-new. Tell us what you’ll talk about, and then show us how you’ll do it in Full Spectrum style. We’re looking for powerful presentation ideas — the video itself doesn’t need to be polished, it’s only for our internal review. It just needs to give us a sense of you and demonstrate that your presentation could have impact.

2. Upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo.

3. Then fill out this online entry form and give us your details, including a link to the video. IMPORTANT: Forms are due April 25, 2011, at 11:59pm Eastern time.

A judging panel will select the most compelling presentation ideas from your video submissions. We’ll invite those finalists to audition their Full Spectrum talks live at in New York on May 24, in front of the TED curation team and an invited audience. The actual audition itself will range from 3 to 6 minutes, so you’ll need to pick a subject that can be managed in that time frame.

We’re excited to see what you have to offer!

Important dates:
Deadline for submitting your one-minute video and online entry form: Monday, April 25, 2011, at 11:59pm Eastern time.
Finalists will be contacted by Monday, May 9, 2011.
Finalists are responsible for their own travel to New York and accomodation.
Finalist presentations in New York: Tuesday, May 24, 2011, in the evening. More details TBD.
TED2012: Full Spectrum happens February 27-March 2, 2012, in California.

Questions? Write to fullspectrum@ted.com, or post to the Full Spectrum open thread on TED Conversations.

– The TED team

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Industry Roundup

1. A New Page Has Turned: Google CEO Larry Page has stated that every employee’s bonus depends on the success of the company’s social media strategy. Google has failed thus far on the social media front and are concerned with the success of Facebook and Twitter. Products such as OpenSocial, Dodgeball, Buzz, Wave, Jaiku and others have all been misses and were unable to compete in the social space. Page says, “This is a joint effort so it’s important that we all get behind it.” +1 is Google’s most recent effort, which is a similar feature to Facebook’s “Like” button and is described as a “social search service.” Read this article for more info.

2. Facebook Friends: Facebook is hoping to improve its relationship with several news media companies. They hope to spread their reach and through the “Like” button allow users to more easily share content and read important world news on Facebook. Many of the news sites could use a boost in traffic, and their partnership with Facebook would do just that. Chief Opertaing Officer Sheryl Sandberg said, “In a world where people are spending so much time on Facebook…we want news to be a big part of that.” Check out more on the story here on Yahoo News.

3. 365 Days, 377 Percent Increase: Social Media’s new favorite number is 377, as their combined value increased by an amazing 377% this past year. Companies such as Groupon, Zynga, Facebook and Twitter have enjoyed tremendous jumps from 2010 to 2011. Zynga has raised 80% to 8 billion, Facebook grew 57% to $65 billion, Twitter is up 7.7% to $4 billion and Linkedin went up 43.4% to $2.2 billion. Check it out.

4. YouTube gets a British Accent: YouTube is preparing for the internet’s takeover of the television (or as the Brits would say, “The Tube”). YouTube is reorganizing its content around “Channels” and Google apparently willing to spend up to $100 million to produce high quality content for TV’s that will allow people to watch the internet in their living rooms. Some believe YouTube would like to compete with broadcast and cable television. Read more about YouTube’s new direction and the meeting of TV and the internet it here.

5. Rodeo or Google Drive?: Google is expanding its SoCal reach by opening up a 13, 465 square foot office in Beverly Hills. It will host Google’s entertainment division. Google will move in by the end of 2011, and have signed an 11-year contract with the city. Google wants to get more involved with the entertainment industry, and along with GoogleTV and their attempt to create original content for YouTube, this is a further sign of their desire to strengthen their entertainment reach. Also, Google recently signed a lease for more than 100,000 square feet of offices in several Venice locations. Google is SoCal.

6. iFight: Time Warner Cable and Viacom are in a legal battle over the iPad. Viacom hopes to block Time Warner from streaming its cable channels on the iPad. Time Warner has asked a federal court to rule that they are legally able to stream Viacom’s content, and the fight is heating up between these two giant media empires. Time Warner’s new iPad app allows users to watch live TV on the tablet. iSue.

7. Xoomsday: Motorola’s Xoom is having a very slow lift-off. The tablet is running Android’s Honeycomb software and has sold a mere 100,000 in its first six weeks. Apple’s iPad has sold between 2 and 3 million in its first four weeks on the market. Rhoda Alexander of IHS said, “At this point, it’s still a one-horse race.” No Xoom Boom yet.

8. Hack Attack: The Hacking Group called “Anonymous,” and an off-shoot of the group, has targeted Sony websites and executives in what it calls, “Operation Payback.” Sony had sued Hacker GeoHot for sharing “jailbreaking” tools that allow users to run unauthorized software on the Play Station 3. Anonymous believes Sony violated the “privacy of thousands” by attempting to find out who downloaded the jailbreaking tools, and have warned Sony to “Expect us.” Read more about it here.

9. A Rod, Kobe, Brady, and Jobs: Apple’s iPad and iPhone will now offer live ESPN content. Those who subscribe are able to watch live ESPN TV on their pad or phone. “WatchESPN” is now available in the app store, and this is yet another step forward in the move to mobile. This is a very exicting development for sports fans and techies everywhere. Check it out!

10. What’s Your Vice?: Tom Freston is a media giant who is largely responsible for MTV’s success and the start of the The Daily Show. Freston is a former Viacom CEO and has now invested in Vice, a small media company that he’s been interested in for many years. Freston believes Vice has huge international potential, and it’s main demographic are men who are 20-something hipsters. With Freston behind Vice, it is a real possibility that the company could take off. Hipsters 2.0

Japan’s 8.9 Earthquake and CitizenTube’s Response

So I’ve spent the better part of my morning investigating the Japanese earthquake and sending notes to friends and blood brothers to make sure that people are OK. Luckily, so far everybody in my circle of friends seems to be fine, but the devastation is amazingly widespread and shocking. The current major concern seems to be centering around the stabilization of the country’s nuclear power reactors, most specifically in Fukushima. According to MSNBC news coolant is being flown in for the reactor, but it’s still an insuperably touchy situation. See this post over at HuffPo for the basics.

Twitter is turning out to be a useful resource right now, as is Youtube’s excellent Citizentube service. Please see the Japanese Earthquake playlist at this address. These are some truly jaw-dropping videos. Waves from the quake-triggered tsunami are even forcing some of California’s beaches to close.

For those of you who use Ustream, you can watch live news from the NHK here.

Sometimes I get sick of digital media, but I will say that today I’m actually quite happy to have it in my life. I hope you and yours are well. -Ev.