Jeffrey Cole

Jeff Cole

Jeff Cole has over a quarter century of experience in studying and analyzing communication technology, policy issues and media’s influence on society and individuals’ lives.

He has held several significant positions during his years in academia. At UCLA he served as Director of the Center for Communication Policy within the Anderson Graduate School of Management. During the 1990s he has also held the role of Principal Investigator of the Network Television Violence Monitoring Project, the results of which were reported to Congress and the nation. He has testified to Congress, spoken at over 200 conferences; and advises governments and reputable corporations. In 2004 he joined USC to serve as the Director of the Center for the Digital Future.

His research endeavor began in 2000 at UCLA and has continued, at USC, to track how the internet is transforming the lives of individuals and societies. The World Internet Project is a long-term longitudinal look at the effects computers and Internet technology on all aspects of society involving more than 30 countries.

Most recently he has been reported for saying newspapers are dead, or will be dead, within 5 years. And at Ad:Tech San Francisco last week, he expressed his educated guess that Facebook will have reached its peak and be deteriorating in 5 years. Additional insights from Dr. Cole are that the iPad will continue to grow its user base even after 2015 when the Android tablet is rumored to finally begin inhibiting the iPad’s 50% market share.


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