If They’re Getting Paid to Write, Why Can’t You?

My thoughts exactly.  We find so many blogs where it’s just people writing down stupid celebrity gossip (Perez Hilton, WWTDD), stupid things they see at Walmart, or stupid drunk texts they send out, and make money from it.  Have we sunk to the lowest common denominator that this is what the Internet is now being used for?  Yes.  And god bless it, because writing stupid stuff is what I’m best at.  I’ve created the blog/website/online community called www.manyoucorny.com.  Its purpose is to comedically lament amount things, situations, or people that make you shake your head in disbelief.  Now since everything on the Internet stays forever (including this blog post), I may or may not be the one writing all the posts on the site.  Since the contents of the posts are pretty R-rated, I am keeping the author hidden.

So why do I (or whomever is writing the entries) write a post every night?  A few reasons.  One is because creative writing is fun.  It’s nice to vent and have people listen.  After all, the reader of the posts should be thinking, “you know that’s true” as they read.  And hopefully get a laugh out of it too.  But the way I see it, is if someone can make a dollar from writing about how Kim Kardashian had to sew two pairs of jeans together to make them fit, then why can’t we make a dollar writing about anything?

Perhaps I’m delusional.  Perhaps I should set my priorities a little better, and focus on school and life instead of trying to make a buck writing stupid things about stupid people.  Well though I appreciate your concern, I’m gonna do it anyway.  Anyone can make a blog.  And basically everyone does.  So I’m trying to make this into a very basic online community.  Users can join and become members.  Then they can post their own topics.  So let’s say that this works.  Who is to say that this blog is not an online community now?  Who is to say that I’m just another blogger with delusions of grandeur and a blind ambition to be one of the many under qualified and overpaid writers for the Internet?  Nobody.  So make your blog into an online community.  It’s your first step to Zuckerberg 2.0.

My advice?  Do what I did.  It’s not easy (I’m happy today because I had 70 views, 25 of which were from me), but hey it’s a start.  If they can do it, you can do it.  I say just make the content as good as it can be.  Because as we’ve learned, if your content sucks then nobody cares.  Well to be honest, even if your content is great, nobody cares.  But if you can get that 1% of the population with time to kill and nothing to do, then you’ve done your job.  Join www.manyoucorny.com, and help me be extremely vain.


One Comment on “If They’re Getting Paid to Write, Why Can’t You?”

  1. Ev says:

    The fact that you named a site after a Patrice O’Neal quote makes me want to follow you around all day and high five you.


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