Industry Round-up: 4.4.2011


No stranger to the public eye, Google has been keeping busy this week with several announcements about feature upgrades, patents and leadership changes, just to name a few:

  • Google has added imagery of a number of historic sites in Italy and France to Street View. The integration with Google Maps includes 360-degree displays and a street-level view of locations all around the world.
  • Google has announced changes to how it displays ads in Gmail, which should increase the quality of the ads, ultimately resulting in fewer ads shown per person.
  • Google has agreed to buy Nortel’s approximately 6,000 patents, a portfolio that includes a wide array of wireless, 4G, semiconductor and data networking IP. Canada-based Nortel Networks was once one of the largest telecom companies on the planet, worth $398 billion at its peak during the dot-com boom. The stock crashed and burned and the company was not able to recover. It filed for bankruptcy in 2009 and has been selling off its assets to pay back creditors.
  • Google co-founder Larry Page replaced Eric Schmidt as CEO of the company Monday. Schmidt will continue as the executive chairman. Page was already the CEO of Google once, and has had a leading role since the company’s beginning.  it does raise questions of how the company will change under the new CEO.
  • Google’s announced that it’s adding a “+1” button to incorporate sentiment into its search results in an attempt to make search results more germane.


Normally, GoDaddy flies under the PR radar until Superbowl time, but this week, the web hosting giant has been making waves…and not in a good way:

  • A video of GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons shooting an elephant in Zimbabwe made the rounds Thursday, causing the domain registry company to become the subject of criticism. Since the video surfaced, GoDaddy has yet to address the PR nightmare, but  rival Network Solutions has offered a spirited, albeit unlikely, retort via its celebrity spokeswoman Cloris Leachman.
  • Here’s the original video.’s a little graphic!


Tech-giant Apple remains in the news this week with rumors swirling around the iPhone 5.

  • In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Sir Howard Stringer, CEO of Sony, accidentally told everyone in the world that his company will be supplying image sensors for Apple‘s iPhone 5.
  • For the latest in iPhone 5 rumors, check out this awesome infographic from the folks over at Nowhere Else, via Mashable.


Top 10 Twitter Trends for 4.4.2011


  • Shawna Redden had a harrowing couple of hours tonight when a six-foot hole was ripped in the top of a Southwest flight she took on Saturday night. The hole resulted in the loss of cabin pressure. Redden documented the whole experience via pictures shared on TwitPic. They can be seen here.
  • Epsilon, the world’s largest permission-based email marketing services company that serves TiVo users and many more, reported a breach in its security Friday, and the list of companies affected keeps on growing. TiVo users had a rude awakening this morning, finding out the email address they’d given to TiVo as part of their account registration had been compromised.

That’s all the news that’s fit to print. Check back next week for more interesting stories from the digital world!


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