3/21/11 Industry Round Up

I apologize for the late posting; I thought my industry round up was next week.  But lets get to it.

1 – In honor of March Maddness, I’ll start with the Twitter bracket.  EmpireAvenue.com has taken every team in the tournament (where they normally are in the brackets) and determined the game’s outcomes based on Twitter activity.  Based on a Klout Score (which scales from 0-100), teams win their games based on the amount of Twitter activity the schools’ teams’ Twitter accounts have in terms of posts, tweets, re-tweets, followers, etc.  The results look nothing like a sane person’s actual bracket (with UNLV in the Final Four….UNLV lost in the first round of the real tournament).  But it is still kinda funny to see.  Here it is: http://tctechcrunch.files.wordpress.com/2011/03/picture-15.png

2 – A CitiBank analyst estimates that Google’s YouTube revenues will pass $1,000,000,000 by 2012.  The revenue will come primarily from advertisements that will cater to where you are and give you ads that are more relevant to your location (or local ads).   Currently, 81 of the top 100 videos on YouTube have advertisements, compared to roughly 60 a year ago.  In 2010, YouTube’s gross revenues were $825 million and will reach $1.3 billion in 2011, and 1.7 billion in 2012.

3 – Facebook has just hit, today, an $85,000,000,000 valuation on SecondMarket with $2.5 billion shares outstanding at a $34 per share valuation.  It was at $78,000,000,000 10 days ago.

4 – A Bit Lucky, the social network gaming company, has just received $5M in funding from the South Korean gaming company Nexon, bringing their total funding to $8M.  Their most popular Facebook game, Lucky Train, sees about 1 million active users per month.  Just goes to show that social games are still generating a lot of buzz and the social media bubble is alive and well.

5 – 8thBridge, a company that helps brands sell products directly on Facebook, just raised $10M in funding, bringing their total funding to $16M.  Briefly, they allow brands to sell their products directly on Facebook, with a fast check-out option on the news feed.  Currently they do this for 1-800 Flowers.  Not a bad idea.  Though it is showing that a LOT of people are putting their eggs in the Facebook basket.

6 – Exodus International, which has ministries that “provide support for individuals who want to recover from homosexuality” released a “Gay Cure” app on February 15.  Not only that, but it received a 4+ rating (which is for any app that has non-objectionable material).  So clearly some of that material is objectionable to some people.  In fact, it is to at least 100,000 people since that many have signed an online petition to have Apple remove it from the App Store.

7 – Google was fined $142,000 for privacy violations in France.  They have been gathering data from private Wi-Fi networks while driving around getting images for Google Street View.  This is adding to GSV’s controversy, where they get images of cars, license plates and people’s faces that are later posted.  Google’s solution was to blur faces and plate numbers.  A Google spokesperson said, “ Street View cars will no longer collect any Wi-Fi information.”  I am a little confused as to how this works but perhaps someone can shed some light.

8 – Jimmy Wong, a “singer/songwriter” has found Internet and iTunes stardom after his response to the “anti-Asians at UCLA” rant from that dumb girl.  He had 1.5 million views in the first 5 days of posting.  I thought it was okay, not anything that great, but hey, you be the judge.


9 – This exists and has 30,000,000 views.  What is going on with our country?!?!?!  There is also a live, acoustic version that is somehow worse.  Like honestly, if this isn’t bad enough, the unplugged version will make you pluck out your eyeballs and plug your ears with them.  But thank you Rebecca, cause for the life of me I totally couldn’t remember what day came after Thursday, and before Saturday.  Also that Sunday comes afterwardsssssssssss.


10 – Facebook agreed to buy Spantu for $70M.  Snaptu makes apps for feature phones, which are basically all phones that aren’t smart phones.  They make up about 69% of all phones and 55% of overall phone sales in the US based on Nielsen Company data.


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