A Lady Like Community For Making Dreams Come True

Do you recall that time that you had THE BEST idea for something? Maybe you even saw “IT” in a dream. You remember… it was like Jesus came down from the rafters and spoke to you. He told you that your EVERYTHING was about to shift and that the world would forever be changed if you would just DO “IT”.

So what did you do? You woke up and ran in to tell your significant other/hubby/wife-y/roomie about your AMAZING epiphany. You both danced around the living room joyously, singing, “I’m so excited! And I just can’t hide it!” celebrating your future success. Then, one of two things happened 1) In a short 24 hours you totally forgot about your rendezvous with Jesus and went back to your crappy 9-5, or, 2) without any hesitation, you reworked your whole life to DO just that thing (with or without any forethought, mind you). Haha, don’t act like you don’t know. All of us have been there at least once.

The bad news is, you might’ve really hit the jackpot if you would have just given it a shot. But now it’s too late because that couch-drifter living out of his mama’s basement already blew it up and is raking it in. The good news is that the next time you get hit by lightning you don’t just have to sit there stupefied.

Fortunately, there are some pretty nifty communities established to help pull you out of your dizzy stupor and create a life that you really love around a business that lights your fire, especially if you are a lady.

The women that founded the Ladies Who Launch community are simply heaven-sent. This national organization’s tagline is “Dream it! Launch it! Live it!” They provide everything you need to launch your dream, grow your business and connect with other women entrepreneurs. They consider themselves more than just a community, they are a movement, and I can assure you that these women do some serious moving and shaking.

I have been an active member of the Los Angeles community for a couple of years now and have constantly been inspired and motivated by the women in the group. On both a national and local level, Ladies Who Launch offers a myriad of business tools and seminars as well as opportunities to network with other lady business launchers. In addition to the local chapter activities, as a Platinum member you have access to their national online network, which allows you to tell your story and connect with other members on a national level. Partnership and PR opportunities are exchanged daily as well as cool resources for managing or marketing your business.

While I do try and attend the local LA events, as often as possible, admittedly, I have not been as active online. According to the SoCal Market Director, Jan Mc Carthy, I am missing out. I should be using the online community to the max because darn-it, I do pay for it and that is what it is there for! So this week I am going to challenge myself to explore a section of the site daily and see if my increased activity leads to any added value as part of the Ladies Who Launch community. We will see how powerful the network is when I just show up!


3 Comments on “A Lady Like Community For Making Dreams Come True”

  1. Danielle Evenson says:

    This looks awesome. Is it expensive to join? What’s the time commitment?

  2. Hi Danielle,
    No, it’s not expensive. The Strata Membership is $35/month a think. And they have different types of events that you can attend throughout the month. You don’t have to go to anything or you can go to everything! You can also sign up for one of their Incubator’s or Entrepreneur workshops which are pretty helpful. I have taken them both. Check out their LA site http://www.ladieswholaunch.com/losangeles and if you have more questions we can chat offline. 🙂

  3. They are cool! I have seen them around for a while. 🙂

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