Japan’s 8.9 Earthquake and CitizenTube’s Response

So I’ve spent the better part of my morning investigating the Japanese earthquake and sending notes to friends and blood brothers to make sure that people are OK. Luckily, so far everybody in my circle of friends seems to be fine, but the devastation is amazingly widespread and shocking. The current major concern seems to be centering around the stabilization of the country’s nuclear power reactors, most specifically in Fukushima. According to MSNBC news coolant is being flown in for the reactor, but it’s still an insuperably touchy situation. See this post over at HuffPo for the basics.

Twitter is turning out to be a useful resource right now, as is Youtube’s excellent Citizentube service. Please see the Japanese Earthquake playlist at this address. These are some truly jaw-dropping videos. Waves from the quake-triggered tsunami are even forcing some of California’s beaches to close.

For those of you who use Ustream, you can watch live news from the NHK here.

Sometimes I get sick of digital media, but I will say that today I’m actually quite happy to have it in my life. I hope you and yours are well. -Ev.


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