Speaker 3/7/11 – Gregory Markel

Gregory Markel is the founder and preseident of InfuseCreative as well as the founder of SEMCares.  He is considered to be one of the “pioneers of search” and InfuseCreative is regarded as one of the finest technology driven lead generation companies in the world.  Through both InfuseCreative and SEMCares, he brings the world of SEO and SEM to the companies and foundations that need them.

With SEMCares, Markel calls upon members of the SEO/SEM community to donate their time and code (either for free or at a discounted rate) towards helping worthy non-profits receive the SEO and subsequent page visits they need.  This is a noble effort, where SEMCares, through SEO, essentially connects non-profits more efficiently with their contributors.  This is especially necessary for disaster relief where private donations need to be collected efficiently and effectively.

With InfuseCreative, Markel stretches his business legs by providing search marketing and technology services to companies like Mazda, Warner Bros., The BBC, and most importantly, Ed Hardy.  The full list is impressive.

In 1994, Markel worked as one of the first site optimizers in the real estate industry.  The notion of being the “first” became a pattern: first to provide the enterprise approach to SEO Flash optimization and the first SEM provider to offer video search optimization strategies.  Since 1995, Markel has also consulted for the major search engines like Google and Yahoo!.

As the world of SEO/SEM evolves, so will Gregory Markel and InfuseCreative.  Always ahead of the curve, Markel is responsible for a lot of the advances we currently have in SEO/SEM and will continue to be the cause for advances in the future.


One Comment on “Speaker 3/7/11 – Gregory Markel”

  1. Clint says:

    Thanks Kabir. Any questions for Gregory?

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