Book Review: The Dragonfly Effect

Jennifer Aaker is a marketing professor at Stanford University. She and her husband Andy Smith wrote this book (with Carlye Adler) based upon Aaker’s class: Power of Social Technology.

The Dragonfly Effect was named after the only insect that can move in any direction when all four of its wings are working in concert. Symbolically the central body of the dragonfly serves as the central mission of your work. And the 4 wings represent the following concepts:

  1. Focus Your Goal
  2. Grab Attention
  3. Engage Others
  4. Take Action

The purpose of the PoST class and this book is to help people harness social technology to achieve a single, focused goal. When creating your goal remember HATCH.

  • Humanistic – understand your audience
  • Actionable – use micro goals to achieve macro goals
  • Testable – identify metrics that will help evaluate your progress
  • Clarity – keep your goal clear
  • Happiness – ensure that your goals are meaningful to you and your audience

After focusing your goal you want to Grab Attention. In this step remember PUVV.

  • Personal – choose an approach that will resonate with your audience (humor, questions, facts)
  • Unexpected – share new information to pique their interest
  • Visual – use quick visual images (photos, video)
  • Visceral – trigger the senses (sound, sight)

Engaging Others is the key to growing your audience. The steps for this layout as TEAM.

  • Tell a Story – find compelling, memorable stories to convey critical information
  • Empathize – let your audience engage you
  • Be Authentic – the more authentic you come across, the easier it will be for others to connect to you and your mission, emphasize the shared values and beliefs you have with your audience
  • Match the media – align communication and context. how and where you say something can be as important as what you say

And lastly, the most important part that will help you achieve your goal is calling your audience to Take Action. Make it EFTO.

  • Easy – easy,understandable
  • Fun – game play, competition, humor, rewards
  • Tailored – make it something your audience will actually be interested in
  • Open – so that anyone can participate



2 Comments on “Book Review: The Dragonfly Effect”

  1. Clint says:

    Great summary… Why did YOU pick this book? Would you recommend it? And, if so, to whom?

  2. heather says:

    Thanks, Clint 🙂

    I chose this book because one of my primary interests is using social media to stimulate social change.

    I would highly recommend this book … to anyone who wants a roadmap to accomplish something with social media.

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