Roundin’ Up a Herd of Social Media Hooplah

Weekly Industry Round Up

By Rebecca Bernard Aguiar

[I preface this round up with the following statement: As a mommy of young ones I often feel overwhelmed by the abundance of information and things-to-do. I also experience a huge sense of disconnect from the “real” world most of the time. (I wrote a blog post on it after my first kid was born.) So the task of plucking out pertinent news for my very savvy and mostly child-free cohort felt somewhat like a tall order. Here it goes.]

This week I became a disgruntled cowgirl, chasing down a very impertinent herd of news cattle. I was like a bull in a china closet, smashing through hundreds of thousands of links on all sorts of different topics without a sense for what REALLY matters, to me, to you, to anybody!

In my search I came across a whole lot of internet crap-ola – for instance, did you know that Toshiba is working on a robot that will learn to replace your remote control? When did the remote become ineffective at changing the channel? This has to be a joke. And why do I care how the Lakers spent their all star weekend? Or that Nicky Minaj wouldn’t come down to meet the press for pictures at the after party? I wasn’t at an after party! I was at home, in sweats, changing diapers, half watching it on TV while scanning articles on Mashable.

But wait, there is more. For you cyber stalkers, there is now a breakup notifier that will alert you when your secret crush’s relationship status changes on Facebook so you can go in for the kill. Speaking of going in for the kill; Sarah Palin had something to say via Facebook about what was going down in Wisconsin. Are the Republican’s still letting her speak out on public platforms? And how is it possible that out of 64 breaking viral news spots on only 16 didn’t include a half naked woman? Is Blippitt even considered a credible news source? Sounds like “hot chicks and explosions” to me (haha, just kidding guys). What is a Blippitt anyway? Sounds like something my kid wants to soothe his gums with.

That said, I did find couple of things of note:

It looks like Redbox may be jumping into the ring with Netflix, as talks of an Amazon partnership would allow them to offer streaming video content online. I do dig the Redbox for our in-home date nights! Stream away big Red.

Sony is launching their new cloud based music subscription marketplace service, Qriocity, in US, Australia and New Zealand. The good news is that you pay only $3.99/mo for pre-populated radio stations or $9.99 for unlimited access to 6million songs. Not a bad price per song if you divide by 6 million.

An interactive National Broadband Map, unveiled February 17 by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration and the Federal Communications Commission, showed that one third of all US households lacked broadband access. Hmm, I wonder what this map would look like worldwide

Reminiscing back to our brief Kinect teaser with Randy Shaffer of Microsoft, the Windows Phone 7 platform was introduced at Mobile World Congress last week. The new 7 will be able to multitask, run IE9 and integrate with Kinect for enhanced mobile/video game integration. I am no good with a video game controller, but give me a phone that connects to a motion sensing camera and PATOW! Watch yo-self!

Lastly, somehow in my feeble attempts to follow the unrest and shut down of communications in Libya, I somehow missed that upheaval was afoot in Bahrain, Morocco, Yemen and Iran. Oy. I did finally get to check out the Google map charting the geographical distribution of Tweets in the area which was interesting.

So who knows if these few needles plucked from a very dense haystack even matter to you, but, according to credible sources these things are considered news. In my world, the newsflash of the day per my two year old was that a unicorn is IN FACT a horsie. Did you know that? Woah – news to me!


2 Comments on “Roundin’ Up a Herd of Social Media Hooplah”

  1. You responded well to the ‘tall order’. Good job 🙂

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