The Art and Technology of Brian Eno

Editors Note: Each week, one or more students preview guest speakers for the class that follows. Since we are not meeting as a class this coming Monday in observance of the Presidents Day holiday, two students this week are posting the speakers they WISH were coming to class this week. Ya know, if we were actually meeting. – Clint

This weeks second imaginary speaker is legendary musician and producer Brian Eno. Eno is a brilliant artist and businessman, and he has always been at the forefront of incorporating technology with music and the visual arts. He has worked with groups and musicians such as David Bowie, Talking Heads, U2, Coldplay, Paul Simon, and many more. Check out his site, enoweb and be sure to read this article in the New Scientist called “Brian Eno: The Love and Limits of Technology.” Eno has been featured in Wired throughout the past few decades, and this article entitled “15th Anniversary: The Brian Eno Evolution,” celebrates his amazing work.

I’d like to learn from Brian about some of his favorite collaborations (both musically and visually), his ideas on how the net or technology can improve music and the music business, how it can change the visual arts, video game design, and where he sees the future of the relationship between the arts and science/technology. I’d also like to learn about where he finds inspiration both on and off-line.

Hope you enjoy his work, and be sure to check the collaboration of Bono and Eno:


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