Industry Round UP! – News You Can Use

Good Day Champions!

As we prepare to run our race…(life, business, or other) one thing that is highly encouraged is to be aware of your lane (field, business, interest).  As a marketing professional, I try to stay on top of tools, people, and other that appeal to my field.

Here are a few cool event that have taken place this week in the world of social and digital marketing.

Most of us, who categorize and compile  content are familiar with RSS feed…well, they seem to have competition from a new start up Pulse, whose primary purpose is not only to provide the same capabilities of consumption of content, but will extend their reach through a visual news-reading app that will pull both pull consumer content and allow you to browse content from Reddit, Digg, Youtube, Vimeo, Flickr and more. This is perfect for those that need that one stop shop to consume their info. While we’re talking about a “one stop shop”….

Greplin, an indexing services that allows you to search all of your social content (Gmail, Twitter, Facebook), has just gone public. Why do you care…convenience, that’s what digital is all about..with one query, it allows you to search content across all of  your emails, Google apps, and more…happy hunting.

Apple’s new subscription billing has caused a bit of a stir within the publishing industry taking 30% of all digital subscription revenue, but remains #1 in the area of mobile computer sales. A clearer undertanding is that anytime an app offers additional value to other or outside vendors of the Apple Store, they have to offer the same to  in -house app purchases (this includes Amazon, Kindle) and Apple takes 30% of the cut.  So the premium content is no longer premium. When the costs are passed on to the consumer, I wonder if it will reflect in the number of mobile computer sales and other Apple purchases?

Brainstorm! or rather  TED launches their digital platform that will allow for timely discussions on issues that matter. The strategic partnership and alliances with business like GE to participate and drive campaigns in non-profit segments, is considered to be on of it’s premiere assets. What better way to have a focus meeting or brainstorm than with people that are designated thought leaders.

And on a sweeter note,  Lil Wayne has out topped the Oreo cookie in becoming the Guinness World holder of Facebook “likes” within a 24 hour period, by a vote of approximately 589K to 115K. I wonder if the Oreo was double stuffed!

Be sure to check back periodically for the most up to date events in the world of social media and digital marketing from the 2011 team of APOC champions with diverse likes and interests.


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