Sean Stevens Shares How ‘YooStar 2’ Gets You A Leading Role In Your Favorite Film



Sean Stevens, Lead Front End Developer

Today our class will be visited by Sean Stevens, the Lead Front End Developer for YooStar 2, the video game that lets players act out their favorite scenes from famous films. He is also a former APOC student!

Charades is so old school.  YooStar 2 puts players into the movies! YooStar 2 combines green screen technology with a clip library of favorite film and television scenes where the actors have been digital erased. Players get a chance to star in that role of lifetime by recreating their favorite scenes with use of teleprompter or they can ad-lib their own dialogue. Players can challenge each other on acting ability by doing battle and getting rated for scenes. This social party game is perfect for sharing on social networks or on the YooStar 2 community.

Here is a clip from the Developer Diary that discusses the making of the game:

Some questions for Stevens might be:

1.  How did you find your path to becoming the Lead Front End Developer for YooStar?

2.  What are the first steps to developing a big video game?

3.  What is it like to work on a project this big?

4.  Does part of your team live in another country? If so, how do you coördinate?

5.  How long does it take from idea to creation to get a game like this in the hands of consumers?

6.  What advice do you have for people looking to hire a developer for a project? What should they look for and where should they look?


By Desdemona Bandini


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