Industry Roundup

This week there were some interesting happenings in the legislative and financial parts of social media and technology.

For starters, the Do Not Track bill was introduced to the House of Representatives on Friday. Also released this week was the Senate Foreign Relations Committee report which mentioned that  despite Hillary Clinton’s best efforts to champion for Internet Freedom in China, there has been no progress; and called for the effort to be moved from the State Department’s responsibility to supervision under the Broadcasting Board of Governors. Additionally, “a quiet war” is underway involving GoogleTV, Sony, and the National Cable and Telecommunications Assoc (among others)… all lobbying the Federal Communications Commission to uphold or “ignore” copyrights, contract privity, licensing, etc (respective to their interests).

In terms of the financial realm of social media and digital technology, we’re starting to see the virtual entities start putting real money into action. On the stock market – Pandora filed for an IPO and Zynga is hot on the secondary market. Sadly though, ecommerce and digital books have cornered Borders into filing for Chapter 11. Also, keep an eye on the stock market to get an idea of how shareholders, investors and analysts feel about the Nokia/Microsoft “partnership” for Windows Phone 7. Also related to that deal, today Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced plans to have the Windows Phone 7 act as a controller to sync with the Kinect gaming system.


5 Comments on “Industry Roundup”

  1. Clint says:

    Could you share the links to the articles you’d read and have referenced?

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