Don’t Blink, It’s “5 Second Films” With Ben Gigli



Ben Gigli
What is 5 Second Films? You may have seen 5 Second Films on G4’sAttack of the Show,’ Comedy Central’sTosh.0‘  — but if not, do not fret because Ben Gigli ( a former APOC student, yay!) is coming to class tonight to give you the scoop.

The concept is simple really, make a film in 5 seconds. The rules are each film must have 2 seconds of beginning titles, 5 seconds of film, 1 second of end titles. Each weekday a new film is debuted on the site. What can happen? Hilarity ensues.

Here are some classic examples.

Some questions for Gigli might be:

1.  How did your site come into being?

2.  How did you grow your community?

3.  What advice might you have for us on how to build an online community?

4. What are some of triumphs and what are some of your failures?

5.  How do you make money from your site?

6. How much does it cost to run your site?


By Desdemona Bandini


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