Speaker Preview: Randy Shaffer

Speaker Preview for February 7. 2010

Randy Shaffer

West Region Sales Manager

Microsoft’s Entertainment & Devices Advertising Business Group

A graduate of Chapman University, Randy Shaffer has built a career in marketing and digital media. Shaffer has been with Microsoft since 2007, where he focuses on Xbox and Kinect, By cooperating with marketers and advertisers, Shaffer aims to develop brands in the gaming communities. With the introduction of Kinect in late 2010, Microsoft hopes to widely broaden its gaming audience, making marketing and brand development in the Xbox live community more important than its ever been. A motion-sensing camera, Kinect aims to capture the attention of a broader gaming audience. Kinect will soon cross platforms to the PC, meaning the Xbox live community will no longer be limited to the physical Xbox. Microsoft hopes this larger audience will help increase its online membership, and with this impending expansion, Randy Shaffer will have his hands full managing a healthy and growing online community.

Randy Schaffer on Xbox Live’s growth as an online community, and it’s marketing implications:


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