Industry Roundup

With 111 million viewers watching the Super Bowl XLV, many advertisers focused on how to monetize their advertising dollars from traditional TV ads by using Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites.  Most successful companies have begun to embrace the idea that they need a social media presence, and many  have realized that social media tie-in will keep users engaged well after the game–roughly 50-60% of all Ads will drive to online communities.

Honorable mentions:
Budweiser’s “Unlock The Spot” campaign required viewers to go to Facebook to pick up clues that helped them guess the storyline of three different Bud spots that aired during the game. If viewers get it right, it unlocks another online spot–keeping viewers thinking and talking about the spots after they run. This is a very clever idea.

Mercedes-Benz ran “The World’s First Twitter Fueled Race” , which was announced on Facebook.  Team cars drove toward Dallas on game day with cars “powered” by the number of tweets they received.  The winner of the race received a two 2012 C-Class Mercedes–not too shabby.

In both cases, Bud and Mercedes looking to increase user engagement during and after the game.

Top Prize goes to:
VW.  The most viewed Super Bowl Ads on YouTube.

Runners up includes:
VW, “Black Beetle,” 1.9 million views.
Chrysler, “Imported from Detroit” 1.2 million views
Doritos, “Pug Attack” 1.1 million views
Doritos, “The Best Part” 568,000 views
Best Buy, “How Many Gs?” 540,000 views
Kia, “One Epic Ride” 534,000 views
Lipton Brisk, “Eminem” 523,000 views
Motorola, “Empower the People” 514,000 views
HomeAway, “Test Baby” 469,000 views


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