GoSub60’s Josh Hartwell and Kellie Hartwell

Launched in 2003, GoSub60 is a Santa Monica-based parent company of Mobile Deluxe, which releases direct-to-consumer mobile entertainment games. The company seeks to provide quality games with a user-friendly interface and experience from purchase to play.

Mobile Deluxe works with 50 carrier services worldwide and, as their website notes, has created such popular games as “Sudoku Deluxe® Solitaire Deluxe® 12-Pack,Blackjack Cheater® and Curious George® Monkey Fun”.

See the company website here: http://www.mobiledeluxe.com/

Josh Hartwell — Co-Founder, CEO

Josh Hartwell is the Co-founder and CEO of GoSub 60. He has seven years experience in the industry and works hard to build quality, casual games for mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. Josh sets the company’s strategy, and judging by their 40% revenue growth each year, he’s on the right track. So far, the company has maintained this success without external financial backing or mergers.

He has worked extensively on such games as JAMDAT Bowling, Bliss, and Solitaire Deluxe.

Kellie Hartwell — SVP, Sales and Marketing

Kellie helps find product niches and is key in forming partnershis with such companies as Disney and NBC/Universal. She has a background in software and e-commerce and that experience has helped her in defining product strategy since the inception of the company. A big part of her job includes building and maintaining relationships with licensees, distributors, and carrier partners.

You can learn more about the GoSub 60 staff, including Josh and Kellie, on the Corporate News page of their website.


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