Community Review: WoW And Destructoid

World of Warcraft

This week we’re focusing on online gaming communities, and there’s nothing that brings the word “wow” to mind more than World of Warcraft.  It’s the largest multiplayer game in the world. It’s an international sensation.

Since it’s launch in 1994, the game has grown from a group of small online gamers, to having over 12 million people subscribing, playing and anailating each other.

What is so enticing and addicting about WoW? I believe it’s one of the first games that did not have traditional levels and “bosses” to beat. Plus, it was one of the first actual cooperative online games.

WoW changed the world of gaming. Instead of fighting your friends, or relying on the amount of gaming knowledge in your immediate community, folks could pick and choose their own groups. These “guilds” could battle each other, fight for success or even ban together.

The game’s success is not just siloed within its own world. Gamer girl Felicia Day, was the first to strike crossover success with her online series “The Guild” which brought to light the very special innerpersonal relationships between guild members.

Famous WoW-ers
Adrianne Curry
Mila Kuins
Felicia Day

The blog Destructoid is less an online gaming community and more a community of gamers. This buzz blog brings together gamers who love all consoles and games.  Within the blog, you can find your own niche and participate in forums, sign up to write and interact with social media.

Destructoid was one of the first blogs to lure gamers out of their homes, offices and mother’s garages and encourage them to participate in social media and make social media work for it.

Blog posts like 10 Greatest Puppies In Video Game History, destroy the stigma of the lone, creepy gamer, and put a human face on the people behind the joystick. Plus, posts like these are MASSIVE online bookmarking sites like Digg and reddit introducing Destructoid to a whole new community of folks who would love the blog.

Destructoid has grown from a small blog, to one who hires dozens of writers,  by using social media, working real life interaction with game conference Tweetups and Meetups and harnessing folks within the various gaming communities to both produce content and evangelize the community.

Come on, you know you want to check it out.  Honesty, have you seen a cuter group of gamers?


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