Guest Speaker Recap: Devora Rogers

Devora Rogers is currently the Director of Product Strategy at the IPG Emerging Media Lab. I’ve included her official bio from IPG below that outlines her background and a little about her current position.

The purpose of her talk was two-fold: to introduce the lab’s work and to do a very quick overview of their projected trends for 2011.

The IPG lab is part think tank, part research organization, and part immersive futuristic environment where the team consults marketers on their changing world and how to best reach their demographics using digital tools. They expose their clients to alternatives to traditional ads and identify which outlets may be the most strategic and viable for investment. Their services include consulting, education, product development, and a resource center where clients can experience the latest cutting edge technology and see it in context in simulated living spaces (ie a dorm room, conference room, retail space, etc).

It’s important to note that IPG (Interpublic Group) is a holding company for dozens of global marketing communications companies. The lab was developed to serve all of the various verticals and overcome the, to quote Devora’s presentation, “marketing paradigm [that] hinders breakthrough innovation”. The lab has the freedom to run strategic marketing experiments based off of data that they collect and cull from various industry sources without too much fear of retaliation for failure.

The second part of Devora’s talk was an overview of the IPG Media Lab’s 2011 media and technology trends forecast.

You can find the full report on the 2011 trends on their blog, but they have identified six key trends:

  • The Identity of Things: as processors become cheaper and smaller, it is no possible for more of our everyday objects to be connected to the web and have a “voice”. This includes everything from a car being equipped with GPS and Pandora, to perhaps a t-shirt that can track your movements around a store as you shop and services targeted ads to your cell phone.
  • Mobile is Dead: although this statement seems a bit inflamatory, it mostly speaks to the fact marketers can no longer think of “mobile” as a distinct arena from “online” as smartphone users will outnumber feature phone users in 2011 and mobile internet speeds will match broadband.
  • The New Loyalty: traditional loyalty programs (ie coupons, rewards cards) will need to be replaced with more “active” loyalty that grabs a consumer’s “attention, engagement, and advocacy”.
  • The Rise of Content Marketplaces: platforms such as Xbox Live, Netflix Instant and iTunes continue to expand and consumers are increasingly reliant on huge catalogs of on-demand content.
  • Life is a Game: as “gaming” becomes ubiquitous, brands will need to look to using gaming mechanics to engage consumers in unique and lasting ways.
  • Continuous Partial Attention: the human brain is changing and is constantly giving partial attention to dozens of different stimuli. In order to capture a consumer’s attention and hold it, “brands must acquire new marketing literacies such as interactivity that engages not just through traditional marketing messaging, but engages our bodies in emotional, experiential communication that isinherently two-way and empathetic in nature.”

Devora’s Official Bio:

Devora Rogers Director, Product Strategy

As Director of Product Strategy and in her role as a digital strategist at the IPG Media Lab, Devora Rogers is responsible for managing Lab products and insights research. She has consulted with many of the Lab’s global agencies and clients to provide tangible solutions for reaching consumers through non-traditional media channels. Her work has included the development of the Lab’s proprietary research tools that reveal emerging media’s impact on the purchase path. Prior to joining the Lab, Devora was a Senior Editor at Yahoo! where she produced news and entertainment content for Yahoo’s front page and video properties; she also spearheaded efforts to surface user generated content on the home page.

A graduate of UC Santa Cruz, Devora got her start in media while on a Fulbright Scholarship to Germany. After working as a producer, reporter and host for German News Service, Deutsche Welle, she returned to Los Angeles to pursue a career in radio and television production. She has worked for television producers including Mark Burnett and HGTV. Devora blogs about technology and Europe.

You can find more about Devora on her website:

And more about the IPG lab by visiting:


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