February 1, 2011 News Roundup

Begin the Social Media Revolution (or at least a revolution using social media)!  While social media might not have started the revolution in Egypt, it certainly played a major role during this week’s political upheaval.

During the week, the debate over who owns the internet also waged on.

On a lighter note, Mark Zuckerberg made a guest appearance on this week’s Saturday Night Live.  Tangentially, even though Facebook’s shares dropped 7 percent, Kevin Rose invested in Facebook on Second Market.  Even more tangentially, the MPAA busted over 50 torrent sites this week. Make sure you watch your SNL legally.


Stay tuned for next week, when Google promises to unveil Honeycomb, Tumblr will break a  quarter of a billion impressions a week and Julian Assange may (or may not) be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.


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