Mike Bonifer Changes The Game

Throughout his career, Mike Bonifer has dominated the intersection of technology and entertainment. After graduating from Notre Dame, Bonifer moved to Los Angeles and made a splash on the scene while serving as an innovative publicist for the original TRON film.

He went on to run his own website design studio Bonifer/Bogner and forged a close relationship with the creative team at Disney. His studio not only created the popular website for the film  Toy Story but launched nearly all key film websites for the company between 1994 and 1998.

Bonifer went on to rise in the ranks of the entertainment/tech space and served as Creative Director of BoxTop Interactive and Senior Vice President of Creative at both iXL and Vidyah throughout the late 1990s and early 2000s.

In August 2002 Bonifer returned to working full time in entertainment. He directed a television series about Supercross and penned a script that ultimately became American Pie 3. After his time in teen entertainment, Bonifer returned to online entertainment and took the post of Senior VP Creative at Network Live. He eventually transitioned into the coveted role of Chief Storyteller for the Live Earth concert series.

Bonifer has served as CEO of GameChangers since 2007.  He and Dr. Virginia Kuhn wrote the book GameChangers — Improvisation for Business in the Networked World.  Both the book and the company harness the power of improvisation to create stronger teams and communities in the ever changing space of small business and large corporate environments.

10 Questions For Mike Bonifer
1. What are the individual draws of entertainment and tech, and how do they differ?
2. Define Quantum Narrative.
3. What was more satisfying, leading a team of developers and designers or helming the production team for Nickelodeon’s “Dirt”?
4. What is the draw for GameChangers in professional organizations?
5. Is there an organization or group who did not respond well to a GaneChangers program?
6. Did you ever find Bill Murray in your documentary “Finding Bill Murray”? Why did you pick YouTube for distribution of the film over Netflix or another company that could run it in its entirety?
7. Is there an audience for live entertainment on the internet? How do you make appointment internet videos?
8. Does children’s entertainment lend itself to online components more than entertainment aimed at an older audience?
9. How does psychology  play into (or is there one dominant psychological theory) online communities?
10.  What’s the biggest untapped market or group online?

Mike Bonifer Contacts:
Game Changers
Linked In


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